CoinKit adds KLV on the TRON Blockchain

Today we are happe to announce the addition of the KLV Token on the TRON Blockchain. The Ticker for this Integration is „KLV„.


How can it be used inside of CoinKit?

KLV can be used like any other integration on CoinKit except one minor exception. You need TRX to send it. CoinKit does all transactions on-chain, so to send KLV you need to have 5 TRX on your address for each transaction, thats the on-chain price to call a TRC-20 Contract on the TRON Blockchain.
As all tips are on-chain, you can use your native TRX CoinKit address to track all your TRON Tokens in one place.


Usage of KLV

Using the command „changecoin klv“ will change the default interface to KLV . Afterwards you can do a „/deposit“ and you will receive your address where you can deposit your KLV.


Available Features for KLV

  • Tips
  • Giveaways on Slack, Discord and Telegram.


Get Started:







– You need 5 TRX per tx on your address to send KLV
– The Ticker is KLV