Dear CoinKit-Users,

we listen closely to your feedback and one of the main points was the Bitcoin on-chain TX fee. Even tho we have one of the lowest TX fees for Bitcoin in the whole industry, we strive for perfection and user satisfication.

We decided to introduce a new withdraw function for Bitcoin, which allows the user to withdraw their BTC on-chain once a day without ANY fees. To make this possible, Blockcurators GmbH ( The company which created CoinKit ) will cover the transaction fees on those withdraws.

Our Team has added a new parameter to the BTC Withdraw function, which is called „free“. With this additional parameter, your transaction will be queued for the free transfer, which occurs once a day. So keep in mind that if you use the free transfer method, you wont receive your BTC instantly, as we do them only once a day.

Minimum withdraw is the same as with fees, 50 000 Satoshi.

How does it work?


changecoin btc
withdraw <address> <amount> free

After you did that successfully, CoinKit will respond with a „Withdraw Successful“ as well as „<amount> (0 Network Fee, 0 CoinKit fee) satoshi“
The Blockexplorer link attached is only for our internal tracking and does not work on public explorers.