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CoinKit has expanded its functions towards a Desktop and Mobile Wallet where Coins/Tokens can be stored easily.

  • Signup via Email and CoinKit ID
  • Link your Accounts from Twitter, Telegram, Discord
  • Have all your Balances in one place

CoinKitID can be found within CoinKit DMs, just write /auditme

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CoinKit has an extensive Wiki which explains all functions and how to use CoinKit most efficiently!

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Why Choose Us

Zero Fees

CoinKit does not charge ANY fees for the usage of CoinKit. The only fee that needs to get paid is the on-chain fee, which the network needs to propagate the transaction.

On-Chain Transactions

CoinKit utilizes Blockchain technology. Each Coin/Token that is integrated is integrated natively and leverages the Blockchain technology so that all transactions are on-chain. CoinKit does not do Database transactions.

Experts in our Field

Our core team is in crypto since early 2013, with CoinKit we want to push cryptocurrency adoption. We are delivering an easy service and for everyone to use without any barriers.


CoinKit does not collect ANY personal data as well as there is no signup needed. CoinKit can be used directly with a Twitter/Slack/Telegram/Discord Account.


CoinKit is operated by Blockcurators GmbH in Germany, which is a fully registered and legal compliant Company. The VKB Insurance Company insures all deposits.


You want your Coin/Token to become an exlusive Member on CoinKit? Fill out the Form below which suits and we will get in touch!


  • Integration of COIN/TOKEN into CoinKit
  • Tipping on Slack, Telegram, Discord, Twitter
  • Enabling Monetized Tweet on Twitter
  • Direct Support
  • Insurance on the COINS/TOKENS up to the payment amount in USD.
  • Custom feature request possible
  • Announcement on all our Social Channels

CoinKit Blog

CoinKit adds KLV

CoinKit adds KLV

CoinKit adds KLV on the TRON Blockchain Today we are happe to announce the addition of the KLV Token on the TRON Blockchain. The Ticker for this Integration is "KLV".   How can it be used inside of CoinKit? KLV can be used like any other integration on CoinKit...

CoinKit adds USDT ( TRON )

CoinKit adds USDT ( TRON )

CoinKit adds USDT on the TRON Blockchain Today we are happe to announce the addition of the USDT Token on the TRON Blockchain, which goes in line with the recent addition of TRX to CoinKit. The Ticker for this Integration is "USDT-TRX".   What is USDT? USDT is...

Free Bitcoin Withdraws

Free Bitcoin Withdraws

Dear CoinKit-Users, we listen closely to your feedback and one of the main points was the Bitcoin on-chain TX fee. Even tho we have one of the lowest TX fees for Bitcoin in the whole industry, we strive for perfection and user satisfication. We decided to introduce a...